The mission of God
in the hands of ordinary people.

BDC Coaches Toolkit​

The BDC Coaches Toolkit provides the framework and tools for the coach as they begin their Coaching Cluster.
The BDC framework is designed to provide a consistent approach whilst enabling you the freedom and flexibility as a coach to adapt and respond to the individual needs of your cluster, according to where they are at and what God is saying to them.​

BDC Intensive

The two-day BDC Intensives take place every six months and provide space for your leadership team to focus and strategise together.
Intensives offer a tailored environment that enables deeper exploration of concepts, application to your team’s context, cross-team learning, strategic planning and time for waiting on God.

Coach Training

For the best part of a decade, our journey of discipleship has seen genuine change in our church culture.
We have developed principles, processes and practices to see measurable qualitative and quantitative growth in personal discipleship, leadership development and missional impact. We have reframed people’s understanding of mission to release them into creative new expressions of “being and bringing the good news of Jesus” to people in their local neighbourhoods and communities.

BDC Events

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